A new addition to the Bondi Boardwalk art wallThe history of aerosol art painted on Bondi Wall dates back to the 1960s, and rather than attempt to keep the wall free of aerosol art, Waverley Council has embraced the medium and this incredible art wall is now shared with all who visit Bondi.  

Artists are however, required to seek permission to create a work and taggers & other artists are asked to respect the work already on the wall and not deface the work.  The works are regularly updated.  Waverley Council states it seeks a diversity of works and that they achieve this by 'balancing the type of murals painted and the variety of artists selected. ..  Work that will have meaning for members of the general public and/or reflects on the Bondi Beach precinct is encouraged.Chloe Tribute

The wall is a joyous celebration of Bondi and its street, skate & surf culture but sadly one of the best known works on the art wall commemorates the death of Chloe, a Bondi local who lost her life in the Bali terrorist bombings in October 2002.

Offensive ie racist, sexist, graphics of a sexual or violent nature are not permitted on the wall nor is work 'favouring and promoting a specific religion'.

Bondi Art Wall Both local and overseas artists have painted their works on the wall. If you are interested in contributing to the wall you can contact the Waverley Council Customer Service Centre on  02 9369 8000   or email [email protected]


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