Carlos Da Rocha, is Matraville local, current Chair of the Matraville Precinct, who along with Matraville Precinct, has been campaigning for more than two years to have Malabar Police Station restored as a fully operational Station. Malabar Police Station was closed by the previous Government as part of a rationalisation of Police Stations across NSW but was partly re-opened by local Labor Member Michael Daley following community outcry.

Carlos on being involved with local issues 'I love being involved, I love to have a say and to be able to assist in making the environment to which I belong be the best it can be. I have always been a helper, whatever it may be if it is worth it for the local environment then I love to be involved. Many people have said that I should get into politics, This is something that I would never want to do. There are people that thrive on this sort of thing, I love reading about it, I love being involved with the community to try and ensure the people in power keep their promises that they make for the people but what I love most of all is being a regular person that does not give up if supported by people who believe that whatever it may be is worth fighting for.

It starts with one person and then becomes 10, then it becomes 100, then 1000, then 10,000, then a million, if you believe and support the community then people in power will listen to the people, Local communities can have a lot of power we just need to believe we do matter and can make a difference. I love to be involved one way or another to help our communities grow into the future.'  Carlos Da Rocha

Apart from Malabar Police Station Carlos also campaigns the traffic lights on Perry Street & Beauchamp Road, the water quality of Malabar and surrounding beach's, the preservation of the Chinese gardens, Public Transport, large scale developments in areas that are not appropriate, the expansion of the ports and impacts on nearby environments more noise, more trucks, more pollution.