Sydney Wiki was started in August 2011 as a collaborative community project.  The Wiki aims to be the definitive open community 'storehouse' of collective knowledge on Sydney.  Anyone can add to or edit the Sydney Wiki.


The Sydney Wiki is in development so please list any bugs you encounter on this page.

Feedback & Suggestions for Improvement

The Sydney wiki has been designed with the aim of making the wiki accessible to all and therefore being a inclusive community resource.  Please add  suggestions for improvements or features you'd like to see included down the track on this page.

How to add or edit pages

We've already had some feedback that you need instructions on how to use this wiki so here's the steps to add or edit a pageReturn to Redfern, one of many Sydney communities

  1. Search for the page you would like to add or edit by typing the title of the subject into the Search or create page box on the top right of the wiki.
  2. If that page already exists you will be taken to the page, then click on the Edit button and make the changes or additions to the page.  Then click on Save Changes.  You can also update or change the Map if you like.
  3. If the page you searched for does not exist you will be asked if you want to create a Page.  Click on the Create a Page button and then enter your text into the field below the heading.  When you are finished click on the Save Changes button. Please add a Map to your entry if your subject has a location.
  4. You are done!  It's that easy.

If these instructions aren't detailed enough let me know and we'll expand them for you eg if you would like instructions on how to add to the Map or how to add Photos.