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Autoplace Infiniti/Nissan is a Buffalo based, independently owned, car dealership and service center. Dan Fabrizio and Sam Lanasa founded Autoplace in 1989. The business has kept strong for over 25 years and continues to provide great service. As a mechanic from Syracuse, NY, Dan Fabrizio put in his work and eventually opened Lockport Nissan in the mid-1970's. Over the years, he built a strong relationship with General Manager and friend, Sam Lanasa. For over 10 years, Lockport Nissan was awarded the best dealership for customer service satisfaction in Western New York. At this time, Nissan Corporate reached out and gave Fabrizio the opportunity to bring their luxury 'Infiniti' brand to the Buffalo market. Fabrizio moved quickly and opened the first dual branded dealership the area had seen, in the heart of Williamsville, New York.


The nice thing about the relocation was that the dealership was now in a much more central location. General Manager and part owner, Sam Lanasa, was born and raised in the Williamsville-Clarence area and was well liked in the community. It took a few years, but the business started to come faster and faster. While holding onto a lot of their previous clients, they were able to gain new ones day-in and day-out.


Over the past 25 years, the amount of license plate frames with the name 'Autoplace' on them have grown across Western New York.While holding on to a strong, loyal customer base is beyond important in the car business, Autoplace continues to satisfy the area with its services. In an interview conducted with Dan Fabrizio about the dealership, Fabrizio stated: " Our goal is to provide truly exceptional experience to our customers across the board." He explained that competing with other dealers in the past has been tough, but holding onto his original game plan has kept their customers satisfaction up to par.



Autoplace is a new and used car distributor that deals mainly with Nissan and Infiniti products. In addition to selling new and used cars, the dealership is known widely for its quick and efficient service center. The service department deals with all vehicles, and is trained and certified through Nissan/ Infiniti corporate. All new and used vehicles needs can be taken care of at Autoplace. From tire rotations, to replacing a transmission, the technicians are trained and certified to solve the customers vehicles issues in a timely manner.

Infiniti Service Center

Fabrizio mentioned that the customers’ experience after the sale is something that always kept his clients happy. He remembered hearing a client complain about a bad experience at another local dealer, and the client stating “I will never buy another car from them again” He said that he felt bad for the other owner, and has done everything that could to make sure that he never runs into the same sort of issue.


Autoplace is the only dealership in Western New York that offers their clients a free lifetime power train warranty with the purchase of a new vehicle. The cost of maintenance is something that every buyer should consider when in the market for a new vehicle. Fabrizio stated that he felt giving his customers some sort of “safety net” would allow their experience to be a little more pleasurable. On top of the warranty, every customer is given oil changes free for three years.


With plenty of business, comes plenty of time needed for the technicians to do a proper job. If the appointment isn’t a short one where the customer able to sit in the comfortable waiting area, with complimentary refreshments, the dealership offers a shuttle service to get you where you need to be. If the appointment is going to take a few days, Autoplace has loaner vehicles that they provide their clients that are free of charge.




Service Lounge

The company prides itself on its knowledgeable sales staff and their easygoing approach. The sales staff is well trained and sticks to a professional manner that the average buyer may not find anymore. Autoplace is a comfortable and an affordable place for all new and used vehicle needs.


 More information can be found at either of the company websites, Autoplaceinfiniti.com and Autoplacenissan.com. From the sites you are able to schedule an appointment for a sales appointment, test drive, or any of your service center needs. The websites show the sales and service staff, along with their credentials. You are able to take a virtual tour and check out the dealerships full inventory.


Location and hours:


8137 Main Street, Williamsville, NY 14221

(716) 633-9900

Sales Hours: Monday- Thurs: 9-8pm. Friday- 9-6pm. Saturday- 9-5pm

Service/Parts hours: Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri- 7:30- 6pm. Tuesday- 7:30-8pm.

Saturday 8-5pm