LOCATION: South Salina & South Warren & East Adams Streets

GENERAL INFORMATION: Acerage: 0.136 Downtown Park

FEATURES: " Rock of the Marne" Monument - World War memorial by Ronald Hinden Perry. It was dedicated July 15, 1920.

"Spanish War Memorial" (south end of the park) by Theodore A.R. Kitson. Erected by Onondaga County and Col. Butler Camp and Spanish War Veterans. It was dedicated May 30, 1924.


HISTORY: Billings Park is comprised of 0.316 acre and is located at South Salina, South Warren and East Adams Streets. It was formerly known as Warren Park. Warren Street, one of the streets it is situated on, was names in honor of General Joseph Warren, one of the heroes of the American Revolution. From 1841 to 1859 Roger Billings had his carriage factory on the north side of Adams Street across from the park. At that time however, the park was unsightly and overgrown. Billings played an important role in having the park improved. A committee of citizens living in the area was organized to improve the plot, Richard W. Jones, George Ostrander and George Hemman having a large part in it. The park was landscaped and a fountain was put in the center, with walks through the park. Roger Billings turned it over to the City for dedication by Mayor William Stewart, August 24, 1867. Trees were planted there in 1882.

There are two memorials in the park. One, a statue of a Spanish American War soldier, is a memorial to those who died in that war, stands sentry at the south end of the park on South Salina Street near Central Tech. It was unveiled on Memorial Day, 1924. At the northern end of the park, atop a stone monument engraved with names of some of the dead World War I, stands the figure of an infantryman. A bronze plaque on the monument reads, “This memorial is presented to the City of Syracuse… as a tribute to the heroes… who made the supreme sacrifice in the great war and grateful recognition of the esteem in which they held the citizens of this city…”