LOCATION: Solar & Plum Streets

GENERAL INFORMATION: Acerage: 0.900 Downtown Park

FEATURES: While in Franklin Square, be sure not to miss a stroll through Franklin Square Park, adorned with trellised gardens, an elegant fountain, and etched quotes from the park's namesake, Benjamin Franklin.

RELATED INFORMATION: Many brides and grooms choose picturesque Franklin Park as a backdrop for their wedding photos and/or ceremony. The space must be reserved through the City's Department of Parks, Recreation & Youth Programs (315) 473-4330. The Parks department will provide a permit application and waiver form, and will be able to answer any questions you may have.

HISTORY: Syracuse's Oldest New Neighborhood The creation of an entirely new urban neighborhood called Franklin Square is a remarkable accomplishment and indicative of the fertile development environment that exists in the Lakefront area. Once an industrial graveyard, Franklin Square has become a charming neighborhood of restored landmarks, brick sidewalks, ornamental lighting and tree-lined streets. With over $80 million in new investments, Franklin Square has become the location of choice for Central New York employers and residents.