LOCATION: Castle and State Sts.

GENERAL INFORMATION: Acreage: 1.84 Neighborhood Park

FEATURES: Coming Soon!

RELATED INFORMATION: Elizabeth "Libba" Cotten 1891-1987 - Grammy Award-winning folk singer Libba Cotten bought her first guitar at Sears and Roebuck for $3.75 when she was 11 years old. That same year she wrote her most famous song "Freight Train" which she would later record with Pete Seeger as an American classic. Playing on the folk music circuit, Libba Cotten was honored wherever she went, including at the Smithsonian Institution on her 90th birthday. She captivated her audiences with her warm spirit and her unique left-handed style of guitar playing dubbed "Cotton picking." Her songs and style have influenced countless musicians.

In 1983 Ms. Cotten was named Syracuse's first Living Treasure, an award which recognizes this community's greatest asset, its people. The Libba Cotten Grove, at the corner of South State and Castle Streets, is a living memorial to this unique Syracusan.