LOCATION: W. Newell St., W. Calthrop and W. Pleasant Aves.

GENERAL INFORMATION: Acreage: 7.77 Neighborhood Park

FEATURES: Swimming Pool The pool at McKinley Park is a 50 meters long with six lanes. The water depth ranges from 3'6" feet to 12 feet, and children must be a minimum of 3 feet, 10 inches to swim. The pool also has a spray seal.

Athletic Fields and Courts McKinley Park has 1 softball diamond, and 2 basketball courts

Playground Playground consisting of swings, slides, seesaws, and climbing bars.


HISTORICAL INFORMATION: Purchased in 1920, McKinley Park was formerly a brickyard and pond in the midst of a well. Since then the city has built a pool with a spray porpoise, athletic fields, and a modern children's playground.