LOCATION: The park is bounded by Roberts Avenue, Crossett Street and Onondaga Avenue.

GENERAL INFORMATION: Acreage: 67.00 Community Park

FEATURES: Swimming Pool The pool at Upper Onondaga park is a 50 meters long, six lanes L-shaped outdoor pool, with a capacity of 352 bathers. The water depth ranges from 3 feet 6 inches to 12 feet, and children must be a minimum of 3 feet, 10 inches to swim. The pool also has a children's spray fountain.

Athletic Fields and Courts Upper Onondaga Park has 8 tennis courts and 3 basketball courts.

Playground Playground consisting of swings, slides, seesaws, and climbing bars.

Firebarn (No longer in use) The building has been restored for community use.

Hiawatha Lake and Band Gazebo In 1911 and the succeeding years the old Water Co. reservoir was made into a Hiawatha Lake and lagoon with stone walls around its edges and around a newly formed island 60 feet in diameter. In a few years, the band stand, 30 feet in diameter, was built.

RELATED INFORMATION: Many brides and grooms choose picturesque Upper Onondaga Park as a backdrop for their wedding photos and/or ceremony. The space must be reserved through the City's Department of Parks, Recreation & Youth Programs (315) 473-4330. The Parks department will provide a permit application and waiver form, and will be able to answer any questions you may have.

HISTORICAL INFORMATION: In about 1900, Syracuse acquired 80 acres of property formerly used as a city reservoir. The larger part, lying west of Onondaga Avenue is called Upper Onondaga Park. The reservoir, with rip-rapped stone sides, and adjoining oak and hickory grove were used for swimming and picnicking with little change for a few years. John McCarthy, a funeral director, had built at his own expense two wooden piers 50 yards apart with a bathhouse at each pier, also a wooden building for the guards and attendants. The reservoir was soon transformed into a lake and lagoon containing over 15 acres of great scenic beauty. The lake also affords facilities for swimming, skating, and an annual fish derby for younger folk. A bandstand on an island near the edge of the lake is the scene of many enjoyable concerts. There is also a lovely grove used for picnics.