B Sharps Jazz Club

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648 W Brevard Street

Tallahassee, FL 32304


Wednesday night jam sessions 8pm - 12 pm

Friday night 7 pm - 12 pm


(850) 577-0748

(850) 681-2400

[email protected]
Price range

Jam sessions, free for musicians who come to play

$5 for the general public

Contact person
Gerri Seay
Wheelchair accessibility

Hosting Wednesday night jam sessions through July at 8pm and special events on Friday nights (see calendar here),


B Sharp's is located near Frenchtown downtown in the Woman's Working Band Building, a building added to the U.S. National Historic Register in 2010.  It was built in 1921 by a Black Woman's group led by Annie L. Shepard and originally housed care for elderly adults until after WWII when it was made a post for African American veterans.  The deed to the property specifies that it must serve the community around it.


B Sharp's hosts nationally prominent jazz musicians at least once a quarter.  Check website for specific hours and events.



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