Free at 250+ locations throughout Tallahassee. See full distribution map and details here: http://tallyvillager.cloudaccess.net/about-us/locate-copies.html
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Bi-weekly. Published every other Friday.
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5,000 during the summer. Higher during peak seasons.
December, 2011

Capital City Villager is a local and independent arts, culture and news paper in Tallahassee, FL. It is available free at 250+ retail locations and offices throughout Leon County. Villager exists to promote a more vibrant, engaged and sustainable Tallahassee community, and as an information hub for residents and visitors alike. The paper is "proud to be the force that advocates local culture over commercial culture, engagement over apathy, community over isolation or individual, knowledge over prejudice, truth over power, and local industry over outside interests."​

As the lion's share of Tallahassee's major local media outlets are not locally owned, Villager endeavors to influence the local media agenda to ensure that it includes -- and advocates for -- local interests first. Additionally, Villager is a loud voice for local businesses and the shop local movement, grounded in the belief that local commerce is critical to a thriving community. And the publication strives to define, establish, and promote what is unique about Tallahasee's culture. While many wish to develop a Capital City that is more like other prominent arts communities, Villager focuses on making Tallahassee "more like Tallahassee first."

Further, the paper exists to provide a viable and affordable advertising outlet for locally owned businesses, so that small local endeavors can compete with major corporations with massive marketing budgets. There are few affordable advertising outlets for local small businesses, and Villager is the only outlet designed for the needs of local small businesses. 

The paper is supported through advertising revenue, and is produced through a digital office by a core group of managers and a large group of contributors. 

More information can be found online at TallyVillager.com, and the paper is always accepting more contributors. It also seeks event information, press releases, and community news of every kind, which can be submitted through the email address [email protected]