The City of Tallahassee has been designed a Green City by the Florida Green Building Coalition.  

We're just starting this list out, so add what you know about efforts (large and small) in Tallahassee.  We'll go back in and organize this page after there is more information.

See pages on Green Yarders, Environmental cleaners, environment, organic markets (?)



Sustainable Tallahassee

See page on Environmental Organizations, look at sharing



City of Tallahassee - Go Green Tallahassee -

Rainbow Rehab, Inc. - Rehabilitates abandoned homes, making them more energy efficient then resell them to low income families -

City of Tallahassee  Schools on Solar - Initiative to install solar PV and thermal systems at local schools.  Citizens can make one time contributions or can set up a regular monthly amount charged to your City of Tallahassee utility bill.



Green Drinks - Hosted by Sustainable Tallahassee - 6:00 Wednesday, 5th Avenue Tap Room in Manor at Midtown, last Wednesday of each month -


Green Reading

Green Tallahassee blog