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About Joe Manausa Real Estate

Joe Manausa has been serving the Tallahassee real estate market since 1991, and the Joe Manausa Real Estate Company  provides the world's best service to people who want to sell a home in Tallahassee and/or buy a home in Tallahassee. Our staff of dedicated, experienced, full time real estate agents bring "hi tech" state of the art internet marketing to the traditional "hi touch" world of buying and selling a home. Whether you are relocating to Tallahassee, or just moving around, Joe Manausa Real Estate is your Tallahassee real estate company.



2066 Thomasville Road Tallahassee, FL 32308

9-5 M-F
[email protected]
Services Provided
Home selling and home buying
October 2012
Payment Method
Cash, Check, Cert Check



The team at Joe Manausa Real Estate is committed to delivering world class performance and the most current information to people with housing needs in Tallahassee. Recognizing that nearly 100% of its customers use the internet when purchasing a home, the management team has created an organization that thoroughly embraces all of the resources that the internet brings to the real estate consumer. No company is better prepared, equipped, trained, or managed to help somebody sell a home or buy a home in Tallahassee.

Joe Manausa Real Estate works hard to add value in our customer relationships by offering free resources via our Tallahassee real estate website. The Tallahassee Real Estate Newsletter is a free resource available to anybody that is delivered to thousands of people each month, and our e-books about buying and selling a home in Tallahassee have been downloaded by thousands of people as well. Our commitment is to excellence in real estate, and we would like to be your Tallahassee real estate company.


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