The program -- "Ready. Set. STOP!" -- operates red light cameras at the intersections determined to have some of the highest numbers of red light violations and traffic collisions in Tallahassee.  There's no question that we all want to be as safe as possible when we're out on the road.  But some are questioning the effectiveness of the red light cameras as well as the city's use of funds generated from violation fines.  ​Find a discussion on this controversy - add your own information, contribute to a pro/con list, even write your own op-ed HERE.​​

How It Works

When a vehicle passes through a red light at an intersection where a camera is located, a series of photos is taken and video is recorded to document the violation. Check out the City's diagram showing how it works.  The photos and video are processed, and the license plate is reviewed to identify the registered owner.  The images are then forwarded to the Tallahassee Police Department for review.  If it is determined that a violation occurred, the vehicle owner is mailed a Notice of Violation, which includes copies of the violation photos, a web link to the video footage and a $158 fine.​ 

Intersections with Cameras

  • Tennessee Street / Monroe Street: Eastbound, Northbound and Southbound Approaches
  • Killearn Center Boulevard / Capital Circle Northeast: Northbound and Westbound Approaches
  • Ocala Road / Tennessee Street: Eastbound, Northbound and Westbound Approaches
  • Capital Circle NW / W. Tennessee Street: Eastbound, Westbound and Northbound Approaches
  • Apalachee Parkway / Magnolia Drive: Eastbound, Westbound and Southbound Approaches
  • Capital Circle SE / Apalachee Parkway: Eastbound, Westbound and Northbound Approaches
  • Capital Circle NE / Mahan Drive: Northbound and Southbound Approaches