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Scottsdale Academy (2 Locations)

Our goal is to provide the very best early childhood education in Florida for your child – from infant care to pre-school and pre-kindergarten/VPK.  Scottsdale Academy has an accredited educational and social environment, as well as a creative curriculum specifically developed for young children and is recognized as a Florida Gold Seal Quality Program.



1) 3498 Mahan Drive (across from Walmart)

2) 3693 Coolidge Court (in Southwood)​​​


Monday - Friday: 7:00 AM - 6:00 PM

(closed for all major holidays and a 1/2 day at the end of the summer term)​


1) 850.219.2400

2) 850.656.3235​​

 [email protected]
Wheelchair accessibility
(notes on stairs, bathroom access, handrails, aisle width)


Teaching Children Baby Care


Scottsdale Academy welcomes you and your child to a fun-filled and accredited learning environment. The goal at our pre-school is to allow your child to feel they are at their “other home” when they step through our doors. Our facility was designed specifically for children and is ideally laid out to maximize teachable moments while in our care. The staff is loving, compassionate and ready to serve your child in any way possible to enhance his/her experiences while at Scottsdale Academy.


We understand the stresses of working parents and non-traditional families, and commend the stay-at-home parents who want to improve their child’s social skills. We embrace all religions, races, and cultures at Scottsdale Academy. We create a sense of community by building upon each child’s background, language, and learning abilities so that each child feels a positive sense of self. The children then learn to value, respect, tolerate and become more knowledgeable about their diverse peers and environment. Our baby care and pre-school provides a nurturing atmosphere and safety net from negative influences. You will find we teach children through love, respect, and positive interactions and our Scottsdale Academy kids love us in return, providing the greatest fulfillment for our staff.  Parents are a vital part of our school and communications are encouraged and welcomed daily. Together, we will ready your child for a loving and enriching life after leaving the Scottsdale Academy family.



We utilize the Creative Curriculum and I Love You Curriculum, which are developmentally appropriate with fulfilling experiences. Themes within the curriculum include everything from nature and hygiene to animals and holidays and many other fun topics each month. Our curriculum utilizes music, art, finger play, story time, discussions, sensory activities, logical thinking, and problem solving. By combining physical, emotional, language and social skills through teacher-directed and child-initiated activities, Scottsdale Academy provides a well-balanced early childhood development pre-school program. The State of Florida has challenged educators to “leave no child behind” – here at the Academy our teachers and staff take on this important responsibility, helping each child grow and flourish in their preparation for Florida’s education system.


In every classroom there are two full time teachers that work in a co-teacher atmosphere where both are responsible for lesson development. Lesson plans are prepared and turned into the Director for review every Thursday for the following week. Lesson plans are checked to insure age appropriate activities are implemented while reflecting our curriculum.


In the pre-school classrooms, two major components of each day include:


Circle Time:

Circle time incorporates a discussion of the weekly theme, an introduction to the calendar focusing on the day of the week, month and year, and an overview of the day’s activities to help prepare for transitions. The students are encouraged to participate in discussions and reflections during this time as well. Children are engaged in auditory learning throughout circle time. Each individual child is always encouraged to interact amongst his or her peers and teachers as part of our early childhood development objectives.


Center Time:

Center time allows students to enhance their socialization and creativity skills. There are seven basic centers strategically arranged to engage children in learning and accessible each day. These centers are Home-living, Construction, Art, Handwriting/Language, Reading, Manipulatives, and Sensory. Each center focuses on increasing fine motor skills, critical thinking skills, hand-eye coordination, and one-to-one correspondence.

Refer to the Daily Curriculum sheet examples for samplings of a full day of early childhood development lessons and fun-filled learning activities.



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