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An initiative partnering Florida State University, The City of Tallahassee, Florida A & M University, Leon County, Tallahassee Community College to create a stronger bond between the town and our colleges to the benefit of both.  Supported by a grant from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, it seeks the best practices from around the country in town and gown relationships.

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Mike Pate, Project Director | Phone 850.294.1823 

Email [email protected]

Bill Berlow | Email [email protected]

Liz Joyner (web and event issues) | Phone 850.264.8785

Email [email protected]

Board, representing partner institutions

From the press release announcing the TAG Tallahassee initiative:


Imagine Florida’s capital city without state government – without the Capitol.


It doesn’t register. Tallahassee was carved out of North Florida woods almost 200 years ago because leaders of the state wanted a convenient capital city. It’s why Tallahassee is here.


Now imagine Tallahassee without Florida State University. Or Florida A&M. Or Tallahassee Community College.

“Tallahassee without its major universities and community college would be like a three-legged stool with only one and a half legs,” said Mike Pate, former publisher of the Tallahassee Democrat. “It would fall over.”


Find the rest of the press release here


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