402 Tennessee St.
Breakfast: 7am-11am on weekdays, 7am-2pm on weekends
Lunch and dinner served daily.
(850) 597-7964
[email protected]
Price range
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Payment Methods
Cash, credit/debit cards
Wheelchair accessibility
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First we conquered the world of breakfast (two of Up In Smoke's managing partners are the owners of Tallahassee's own Canopy Road Cafe). We mastered that final sear on a delicious thick piece of bacon, brewed thousands of pots of coffee and flipped more eggs than we could count. But now we're tackling another one of our favorites...mouth-watering southern barbecue. At Up In Smoke, you'll find the same charming southern hospitality you've come to love from our breakfast cafes, but this time we'll be piling down plates of delicious dry rub ribs and bowls of creamy tangy slaw in front of you instead. We brought along some more family members and a dedicated pit master and team to help us on our quest for barbecue glory. Please check out our menu and come in and give us a try. We have lots of unique options and even vegetarian choices (what can we say, two of our wives are vegetarians!) so there is something for everyone!