We would like to introduce ourselves.We are five members of the international programm, which is called "EF" . We are staying in Tallahassee, Florida for four weeks. Our home countries are: Italy, Russia and Germany. We were told to make a project about one of our activities, that we did. And so we built a group of five girls: Andrea (17, from Italy); Franziska (17, from Germany); Franziska (17, from Germany); Laura (17, from Germany) and Linh (14, from Russia) to create this page for TallahasseeWiki.

The day after we had arrived in Orlando, we visited Wakulla Springs. That was our first weekend of this US trip. In the morning we sat in our host families' cars and drove to the Wakulla Springs. When we arrived, we were surprised by the beauty of the springs.

Now  I'd like to tell you what Wakulla Springs is. Wakulla Springs is a natural, cold springs near Tallahassee. There is a lake and a swamp land and all in all it looks like a tropical rainforest.

There were a lot of possibilities for having fun. For example, we could take a boat trip, go swimming, chill out with our new friends and much more. Because of the natural gifts of the environment, we saw a lot of exotic animals and plants. So we had the chance to see alligators, manatees, turtles, a lot of different birds and really pretty flowers. Another benefit of Wakulla Springs are the outdoor sports. In this trip there were a lot of people, who enjoyed doing sports. So we were able to play different sports like soccer, american football, swimming etc. At our party we enjoyed the shining sun and the wonderful lake.  

The party was held at Wakulla Springs as a welcome party for students from five defferent countries: Spain, Italy, France, Germany and Russia. This picnic-party was for us to get to know our new foreign friends and our host families better. Wakulla Springs is one of the most beautiful attrctions in Talllahassee. The reasons the party was held were not just meeting new countries and family meetings, but also were about the place  it was held at - the place of interest of the city , in which we were going to stay. So that we could get to know our second hometown better.

But not everything abot Wakulla Springs was perfect. I'd like to tell you about the pros and cons of Wakulla Springs. The party and the place were wonderful, but the only thing we didn't like was that the water was too cool. Some people weren't able to swim, because of the cold water. But they had an opportunity to do the other sports and activities. So it seemed like everything was excellent. It;s truly that EF students will hardly forget their first weekend in Tallahassee!