We are currently looking for a small group of people willing to join us as TallahasseeWiki project administrators - to keep momentum going in these early phases of this project.  Interested? Call Liz at 264-8785.

Volunteer Involvement

As the wiki grows, there are certain roles that can be filled by community members. Some will contribute content here and there, but others can take more consistent roles as planners, programmers, content specialists, editors, photographers, etc.

  • TeamWiki -  A group of people willing to promote the wiki
  • Administrators -  wiki editors trusted with access to restricted technical features ("tools"). 
  • Wiki Gnomes -   Wiki editors making useful incremental edits as pages are created. The Wiki Gnomes work behind the scenes, tying up little loose ends and making things run more smoothly on Tallahassee Wiki.
  • Photo Requests - Items that need photographs
  • Programmers - Enchance LocalWiki Software
  • TallahasseeWiki Edit Gatherings - organize wiki edit parties, includes CampWiki

LocalWiki Software Improvements

Wiki Resources

  • Wiki Dashboard - Shows content growth over time and number of users.
  • Templates - List specific templates.
  • Include Pages - Include pages are used to aid contributors during the creating and editing process.
  • Wiki Glossary - Glossary for the community of Tallahassee Wiki.
  • Interesting pages - Help maintain a list of really great pages.
  • TallahasseeWiki News - post the latest info/goings on here, it will appear at the bottom of the front page of the Wiki

Discussions Areas