CampWiki is back for the summer of 2013, meeting on Sunday, July 14th from 12:30 to 3:30 pm.  To reserve your seat click here.  

The program is at RedEye in Midtown.  Feel free to stay just part or all the session (but you still need a reservation).  New to CampWiki?  We'll give you the whole orientation.  If you're a veteran, we won't bore you with blah blah blah and just let you write and visit.   Questions?  Call Liz at 850.264.8785.


We're getting ready for summertime, packing up the usual school year fare and ready for a change of pace.  

And what screams summer more than going to camp?  Our version of summer camp comes without the insects, sunburn and awkward visits to the camp nurse (we hope).  It's CampWiki, where we'll get a good start at building our community wiki (and try to have a little fun while we do it).   We'll say or a word about we're up to, and will be available to answer "how-to" questions as you write pages about what you love most about Tallahassee.  We'll have an interesting local celeb or two join us at some point during each shindig (we're not telling who, you'll have to come to find out).  Coffee and munchies will be available during the program.CampWiki will be just like this.

We've written a few pages ourselves about Tallahassee for TallahasseeWiki and - without fail - they've taught us things we never knew, things that made us love Tallahassee just a little bit more.  For example, did you know that in the late 1800's black churches did their baptisms in Lake Ella?  Or that Bing Crosby sang a song named "Tallahassee?" 

Campers, please pack:

  • Your laptop.
  • Your spirit of adventure.
  • Bug spray and sunscreen.  To set the proper tone.

It's true.  You can own this shirt.You can even wear our official CampWiki shirt or check out other Village Square swag at our Cafe Press store The Flying Pig.  Just keeps getting better and better, doesn't it?








Photo credit: Janet Lindenmuth