Tampa Bay LocalWiki is a free website about Tampa Bay that anyone can edit.  All of the content on this wiki is built by contributors from the community, just like you! 

What's a Wiki?

A wiki ( i/ˈwɪki/ WIK-ee) is a just a collaboratively developed and managed website . LocalWiki is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization based in San Francisco, California that makes community wikis available to anyone who would like to create a map of their area with others in their community. 

Who runs Tampa Bay LocalWiki?

This LocalWiki was started in 2014 by Code for Tampa Bay Brigade, a volunteer group of civic technologists and citizens who believe in working together to improve our communities and government services in collaboration with local government and other organizations.  While Code for Tampa Bay started the wiki, it's run by the community, by those who care enough to help create a map of Tampa Bay to help everyone have a better sense of our great community and the resources available to us all.   

Anyone can edit?

That's the whole point of a wiki! You don't need to make an account to edit. Just hit "edit" on any entry and start typing. Search for pages in the search box to look for an entry you'd like to contribute to. If the entry doesn't exist yet, you can create it. Check the LocalWiki guide if you need help editing.   Code for Tampa Bay Brigade helps manage the site to keep an eye out for anything in violation of LocalWiki Community Guidelines.  

Beyond that, anything you think people would enjoy learning about Tampa Bay - add it here!  Just be mindful to stay information and resource focused, please, and don't use Tampa Bay LocalWiki as an advertising platform.  Any entries that cross over into outright commercial advertising will be removed.  Thanks for understanding!

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