Anna Maria Island is a location spot for visitors world-wide. A barrier island located on the coast of Manatee County, Florida, Anna Maria Island is a popular spot for both guests and animals alike.


Anna Maria Island is known for its small town feeling. Being only seven miles long, everything on the island can be driven to in twenty minutes or less. The island is not only a home for visitors, but also the animals located on the island. Anna Maria Island is both a bird sanctuary as well as a common nesting spot for Loggerhead turtles. Anna Maria Island prides itself on being a safe haven for animals, maintaining a volunteer crew for the safety and health of both the birds and the turtles. In the past 30 years, Anna Maria Island Turtle Watch has protected 4,454 nests.


Anna Maria Island was first settled by Tampa Mayor Madison Post and subsequently named by him. Post derived the name from the first name of his wife, Maria Post, and his sister-in-law, Ann. The island was originally dominated by Cuban fisherman but was soon settled after by George Emerson Bean. When George Emerson Bean died, the island was handed over to his son, George Wilhelm Bean. George Wilhelm Bean then partnered with a wealthy real estate developer Charles Roser. Together, they laid out streets, sidewalks, and established a water system.

Notable things to do on Anna Maria Island:

Most noticeably, the prominent activity on Anna Maria Island is lounging around on the crystal, white sand beaches. However, there are some other things to do. Popular activities on the beach include renting beach bikes and biking the length of the island, visiting one of the island’s two piers, or even visiting the historical museum and the “old jail.” Another popular activity is riding the free trolley around the island.