You are probably wondering - what is the point of this site?

Well the answer is - a source for absolutely anything about Tasmania - places, stories, people, landmarks, events, organisations, clubs, ideas, teams, businesses.

It is a localwiki - wiki about a local community.  There are dozens of localwikis around the world - the first (and most popular) was Daviswiki based in the town of Davis, California.  Today, around one in seven residents of Davis has contributed to Daviswiki.

Is it like Wikipedia?

It has many things in common with Wikipedia, but the main thing is the content:

  • There are no restrictions about notability - you can make a page about yourself, your garage band, your school or your business.
  • There are restrictions on the subject - it must be related to Tasmania in some way, shape or form

Of course, there are many other things that make Taswiki different.  The software that runs the site is specifically designed for local communities, so there are ready made templates for starting pages about businesses, for example, or for addings maps.

So what sort of things can I create a page for?

When you create a page, you will be prompted to give it a tag (a good way of categorising pages so it can be found by others), or add it to a map (if this is relevant to the topic then do so - it is very easy!)

So what can't I do?

  • Defame or slander people
  • Post private information
  • Incite violence or hate

This is not a definitive list - but if in doubt, use common sense.

This introduction, just like all pages on Taswiki, is a work-in-progress and may be updated at any time, and by anyone - you don't own any pages you create - they are owned by the community!

Hopefully you have been inspired to take part in TasWiki :)