Flying Rhino Coffee & Chocolate is a coffee roaster, chocolate maker, and baker.  We roast higher-end specialty arabica coffee beans from around the world in a micro-batch roasting style.  Our coffee is selected mostly through direct trade, sometimes organic, sometimes fair trade, but always of high quality and taste.  The chocolate we use comes from a 5th generation company who works directly with the farmers in Ecuador, Venezuela, and Java.  And the goal of our baking is to provide good quality pastries that pair well with coffee such as scones and coffee cakes.

We are a coffee bar located in 2 places: 

   UpTown Toledo Location: 436 13th Street, Toledo, OH  43604 • 419-244-6100 (Hours: M-F 7am-6pm, Sat & Sun 10-2)

   Downtown Toledo Location: One Seagate PL 104, Toledo 43604 • 567-686-8018 (Hours: M-F 7am-4pm)  Lower concourse of the 5th/3rd Bank Building on Summit St.  This location serves lunch.