The Glass Map is a Project Page to create an image for the Toledo Wiki front page using the glass canvas created by TiMe To Productions.  The Glass Map is a simple map of the Glass City hand-painted and drawn on glass by twelve people, each painting one section of the Toledo region. 

Glass Canvas

Photo of Megan Bremer and Toby Grytafey using the Glass Canvas at Glass Hop on June 15, 2012.  Photo taken by Michael Palmer.

The finished product - nine people painting the Know Rules logo.

Inspiration for Glass Map

The image will be a visual representation of the collaborative opportunities offered by Toledo Wiki.

Process for Glass Map

The Glass Map will be created by tracing the map sections onto the front of the glass canvas in black marker.  This will allow the road map to be created without restricting the painting artist.  Artists are asked to paint the lake and river blue, but the rest of the map is up for the artist's interpretation.

This map is busier than what will be traced onto the glass.



Would you like to paint on the Glass Canvas?  Leave your name here and preference for which section you'd like to paint, if you have one.

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