Nine Lives is a premiere Toledo cover band of five very unique and talented individuals. The band’s sound and style is the result of their so-to-speak organized chaos of ideas and input. Covering seven decades of music (1950’s-today), every genre under the sun… and then some, Nine Lives is essentially a live jukebox. But they’re not just any jukebox; they are the brilliantly overloaded jukebox that contains sing-alongs and dance-alongs for all ages. Covered artists include Lady Gaga, The Doors, Garth Brooks, Chuck Berry, Bon Jovi, Eric Clapton, Michael Jackson, and many more, sure to keep the party going throughout the evening at any venue.

So what makes Nine Lives unique aside from their diverse musical anthology? The roster is an impressive one, for starters. Mike Toth on drums is a percussionist/perfectionist, providing a perfect backbone for the dance beat. The beat is partnered with the stylistic thumps and slaps of Chad Singleton on the bass who at times rocks the crowd with his arena rock-rooted vocals. The vocals are shared with Tim Bauer, who is Nine Lives’ “jack of all trades,” providing the band with saxophone, harmonica, acoustic guitar, and best of all: his signature piano; Bauer bangs out the ivory keys in a modern Jerry Lee Lewis fashion leaving people to wonder why the synthesizer was ever invented. Then there’s Mike Haskins on lead guitar, whose classical piano background comes through in his finely tuned, highly skilled riffs and solos, conquering real life guitar heroes’ signature sounds note for note all while adding a personal touch. Lastly, Jake Pilewski on lead vocals combines his uncharted energy, passion, and range with his experience in theatre, doo-wop, and rock to deliver not just a melody, but a show to go with it.

A Nine Lives show is not just live music, but a performance... or dare-say, a spectacle. The band’s positive, free-spirited energy and excitement contagiously spreads throughout every member of the crowd, wherever they perform. Aside from bringing the party to nearly every live music bar in the greater Toledo area, Nine Lives has made lasting impressions at weddings, festivals, casinos, radio broadcasts, reunions, and special events such as the Jamie Farr Classic.
The only way to truly understand Nine Lives is to experience Nine Lives for one’s self. It is an experience that will certainly become a fond memory, and likely, a preferred and recurring one.

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Nine Lives