We are A Non-Profit Organization base out of Toledo Ohio, we have been around for 15 years. We have A Spiritualist To help you better.

Our mission- To Help you in anyway we can. And if we can't we will find you the help!!!


(Description)- What we do is come in to your home or business, Sit down with you an listen to you describe what is going on.We do not judge you in anyway. After that we will set up our equipment (prefer night time) we ask that someone from the home stays(please no more then two) if you have small children or pets we ask that if poss can you have them stay at a friends or family for the night.That is so there is

less problems when we go over our audio an video equipment. A normal investigation last bout 5 to 6 hours (we have been known to go over-night) but that is on the time available given to us by the home or business owner.After that we will go over our equipment, and get back to you with in two weeks an at that time if we find anything we will come back an go over the findings with you. You will get a CD with our findings for you to keep! We Hope You Give OGH-Toledo A Chance Thank You!!!!

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