Pearson Metropark is one of the last remaining stands of the Great Black Swamp, a notorious forest that once blanketed much of northwest Ohio. Purple cress, spring beauties, trillium, wild ginger and wild geranium bloom in spring. The thick woods and location close to Lake Erie make Pearson a favorite stopover for a wide variety of migrating birds. Buildings, shelters, bridges, ponds and a garden with a waterfall were built by workers enrolled in Depression-era work programs, such as the Works Progress Administration and Civilian Conservation Corps.

Park Entrance: 761 Lallendorf Rd, Oregon

Park Office/mailing address: 4600 Starr Ave., Oregon, OH 43616

Macomber Lodge: Navarre Ave (SR2), between Lallendorf and Wynn roads

Open 7 a.m. until dark every day; extended hours for winter recreation

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