We organize clothing swap parties! Get free, gently used stuff!


General Information:

In Summer 2012, Founders Jordan Killam, Ginger Agby, Renee Granados and Kirsten Ingram held their first SWAP*Toledo event, a small clothing swap staged in an apartment in the warehouse district in downtown Toledo. This event inspired the group to plan an event on a much larger scale that included local vendors, women's organizations, food trucks and musicians. SWAP*Toledo's first-ever SWAP*Meet was held at Mickey Finn's on Sunday, November 4th, 2012.  SWAP*Toledo partnered with Innovation Concerts to host the event.

The next event will take place in May 19, 2013 and will be co-ed. Stay tuned for updates!



1. Acceptable items to bring include gently used clothing, shoes, accessories (jewelry, scarves, gloves, handbags, hats). No undergarments, sports equipment, perfume samples, etc.

2. Only bring items you are absolutely certain SOMEONE will want. Bring it because you want to see it on someone’s body, not in a donation bin. If you know it’s awful, do not swap it!

3. Only 8 items maximum (not 8 items of clothing and additional accessories!!!)

4. You need not bring any clothing to take clothing.

5. The SWAP*Team has the right to deny presentation of any item we see as unfit for the event. We promise we will use the utmost discretion when doing so. No, this is not about your taste, it's about bringing something that is falling apart, dirty, etc. Not cool.

6. Try to keep the items as in-season as possible. (For example in colder months, please try to bring only fall and winter items.)

7. Please bring ALL garments on hangers!!!!!!!