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To provide programs, services and resources that remove barriers to student success.


Schools as Community Hubs is a strategy for organizing the resources of the community around student success. This initiative is intended to make a school – a place that already acts as a natural anchor for kids – the center of an entire neighborhood. Its integrated focus on academics, services, supports and opportunities leads to improved student learning, stronger families and healthier communities. 

Not only will kids learn at their school, but that school will become a hub outside of normal schools hours for an entire neighborhood, offering services like… 
•Out-of-school activities and enrichment 
•Parent involvement 
•Medical and dental services 
•Mental health services 
•Social services 
•Adult education 
•Community and economic development 

A neighborhood of people having their needs met while building community with each other is a neighborhood that ultimately takes care of one another. We will transform the way our community provides support for our kids and delivers services to our neighborhoods simultaneously.