The Clerk of Courts for the Toledo Municipal Court maintains an online database for every case filed in Toledo Municipal Court.  The database extends back to the eighties.  A Civil Database lists every civil case, such as evictions, debt collection, rent escrow cases and other lawsuits.  A Criminal/Traffic Database lists every criminal case, which are violations of criminal laws prosecuted by the City of Toledo.

To access the database, visit


The database at is helpful if you are a party to a case in Toledo Municipal Court.  The website will list court dates and often has PDFs of any filings in the case.

In addition, searching the clerk's website before you start a business relationship with somebody, such as renting an apartment.  You can search a prospective landlord's name in the civil database to see how often the landlord evicts tenants or if the landlord has been sued for not making repairs.  Look in the criminal database to see if your landlord has been cited with housing code violations or if there are other serious issues, like charges for assault or menacing.


Your spelling must be accurate.  The search engine doesn't find names that "sound like" the incorrectly spelled name you typed.  Because of this, it can make sense to try different spellings or search for only part of the name.  Also, a prospective landlord could possibly file eviction under a corporate name. 


This database creates a number of possibilites for data analysis that would benefit the community.  Independent Advocates used the database and volunteers who watched trials to shine light on Toledo Municipal Court's problems in enforcing domestic violence laws.  Additional analyses of data could measure Toledo Municipal Court's effectiveness in other areas of law.  Information about evictions and debt collection can be useful in determining poverty issues in our region.