The Beirut is a friendly gathering spot — energetic, a little loud, and eclectic in décor. It's not unsual to feel you've stepped into an exotic world full of unique wall hangings, murals and Middle-Eastern music. Nor is it unusual to encounter the occasional celebrity. The restaurant is family-owned and operated, so you're assured to the best care and comfort.


This is what they come for. The food at The Beirut is made from scratch with authentic ingredients. Share an assortment of appetizers, such as Fatoosh, Grape Leaves, Kibbi, Hommos or Feta Cheese and Olives. Or try an entrée like Shish Kafta (choice leg of lamb mixed with parseley and onions), Beirut Best (sautéed filet tips in garlic with lemon juice served over hommos) or even homemade pizza! Outstanding wines from all around the globe complete the feast.

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