Located between Downtown and the Old West End, UpTown is an up and coming arts and entertainment district that is home to schools, businesses and organizations, fine dining, community gardens, residential space, and some of the city's best night-life. From Michigan Ave, west to 23rd Street, you can find some of the city's most unique offerings. Home of the Historic Hillcrest Arms, the Adams Corridor, and some of Toledo's most prominent schools, UpTown is set apart from her downtown neighbor by the unique stamp of its residents.

The Adams Street Corridor is the heart of UpTown. Home to an annual Park(ing) Day, the annual Zombie Crawl, SoundTrek, and other local events, Adams Street has both history and originality for the future. Many of Toledo's most recognizable establishments are on the row. The Attic on Adams, possibly the most quintessential Toledo bar is housed on 17th & Adams. It is favorited by locals and tourists alike. Manhattan's, a fine dining restaurant that has been the haunt of mover and shakers of Toledo hosts an open mic night every Monday. Along with Wesley's, Ottawa Tavern, Bretz, and other lounges and bars, Adams Street has a different scene for any night of the week. Adams Street is not only home to drinking establishments. Record shops, thrift stores, design studios and public art spread the entire length of UpTown's busiest street. 

UpTown is also very important to the arts. While it is home to the UpTown Association, ACGT events, it is also the continual neighborhood of many public art pieces. Yarnbombing, Toledo Loves Love, Gosser Memorial Landscape, as well as future projects. Diversity in art is very important to this community. Public art in all capacities is welcomed and encouraged, from street art to performance art. Street musicians, street vendors, and colorful individuals are the commonplace in UpTown. 

Many different people find UpTown to be the neighborhood to call home. With historic buildings and an entertainment district just a walk outside, more and more people are deciding to move Up in the world. UpTown has many residential buildings including The Wachter, Chaney Flats, UpTown Art Center, and Hillcrest Historic Arms. UpTown also has helpful amenities like a neighborhood BMV, two convienent highway entrances, in addition to their cultural pulls.

UpTown has many future plans in the works as well. The UpTown Association is working tirelessly to make UpTown the best neighborhood in the city. They are currently in the works of building a $2m 2.5 acre self-sustaining park, to be named the UpTown Green. The future home of UpTown events, the Green will boast a rain garden, a performing arts stage, retail space, and an interactive water feature. The project, funded by grants and generous donors will be completed as early as Spring 2014. 

UpTown Toledo, is a neighborhood bursting with history, and bustling with potential. 







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