What's next. is a jazz/rock fusion collaboration among guitarist Petr Kharchenko, keyboardist Steve Steel, drummer Sam Woldenberg, saxophonist Marc Williams, vocalist Nichole Carpenter, poet Ryan Bunch and a collective of other local musicians interested in creative Toledo-powered improvisational music.

What's next. performing "Karoun karoun" at Mickey Finn's, Toledo, OH, September, 2011.  Petr and Steve joined by bassist Andy Bielski and drummer Istvan Meszaros.


What's next. acoustic set with Petr, Steve, Nichole and violinist Ted Voudouris at Adams Street Sessions.


What's next. performing "This is a nation at war." at Wesley's Bar, Toledo, OH, August 2012. Petr, Steve, Sam, and Marc with spoken word by Ryan.


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