Boothill Graveyard

408 AZ-80, Tombstone AZ, 85638


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Boothill Graveyard was established in 1879 and was Tombstone Arizona's first graveyard. It used to be called the "City Cemetery" until 1884 when the New Cemetery was built, now known as the Tombstone Cemetery. Once the Tombstone Cemetery was built, Boothill Graveyard was renamed the "Old Cemetery." Only around 1929 did Boothill Graveyard get its current name. Many families moved their loved one's graves and bodies from Boothill Graveyard to the new Tombstone Graveyard. By the 1920s, Boothill Graveyard was in complete shambles with many gravestones being unreadable or missing, many of the wooden crosses had disintegrated or were stolen. The town decided to restore Boothill around 1929. The Boy Scouts were enlisted to clean the graveyard while town residents looked at burial records and spoke to older residents to find locations of graves and who was buried to reconstruct grave markers. Today the graveyard is a tourist attraction for wild west enthusiasts. 

Famous Residents:

Dutch Annie: "Queen of the Red Light District" and was known for her kindness and generosity. One thousand mourners followed her funeral procession in 1883.  

China Mary: Ran Hoptown, the Chinese neighborhood in Tombstone. She controlled underground gambling and opium dens and ran a general store. She was known to be generous to those in need and was honored with a large funeral when she died in 1906.

The Cowboys Billy Clanton, Frank McLaury, Tom McLaury, and Billy Clayborne: The Cowboys fought the Earps near O.K. Coral and lost. Clanton and the McLaury's died in the gunfight while Clayborne died because of a separate gunfight. 

Frank and Tom McLaury were the leaders of the Cowboys; a gang of horse thieves, cattle rustlers, and stagecoach robbers. In the O.K. Corral gunfight that killed them, Marshall Virgil Earp and his three deputies attempted to arrest the Cowboys. Many people in Tombstone supported the Cowboys while other supported the Earps. The Cowboys funeral was one of the largest in Tombstone's history with 2000 people watching the procession from the city's sidewalks.

James Hickey: One of Billy Clayborne's victims.

John Health: Lynched for his role in the Bisbee Massacre. His body no longer resides in Boothill and was shipped back to his home in Texas.

Florentino "Indian Charley" Cruz: participated in Morgan Earp's assassination. Was killed in the Earp Vendetta Ride.

Marshall Fred White: Was the Tombstone Marshall from 1879 to `1880. He was killed by "Curly Bill" Brocius.

Newman (Old Man) Clanton: Sucessful rancher and cattle rancher. He had three sons, all of whom were invloved in gunfights near the O.K. Corral.

Dutch Annie's Grave       Mrs. Ah Lum's Grave         Tom McLaury's, Frank McLaury's, and Billy Clanton's (The Cowboys) Graves

James Hickey's Grave        John Heath's Grave        Florentino Cruz's Grave

Marshall White's Grave         Newman Clanton's Grave