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Bloor to the North, Montrose to the West, Grace to the East and Harbord to the South (which is really just the park and school)
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• Former municipality Old Toronto
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One Sentence Description

About this neighbourhood

Covering the area over Garrison creek between Bloor and Harbord. Bickford Park, home to an off leash doggy heaven, bocce ball lanes, adult learning facility, and a sweet community centre including an indoor pool.

What's Fun ?

Chill out in the park, take your dog down to play with all of their canine friends, play some bocce ball, use the baseball diamond, run up and down the hills backwards, toboggan down the steep yet safe hills in winter, grab something refreshing to drink at Linux Caffe and take it to the park.


Linux Caffe rocks! Get your fix of fair trade organic coffee, panini's and vegan treats, while sitting on the patio surrounded by computer nerds! Be sure not to miss the huge blow up penguin that dances on the corner of Grace and Harbord on sunny days, a tribute to the Linux operating system.


On Garrison Creek

Who are the people in your neighbourhood?

Nice guy, and hard working barista, Dave, will accommodate loitering and exploitation of his wireless internet services at Linux Caffe.

Housing and Accommodations

Mostly older houses, some 60s/70s era renos, half and half detached/semi; rent is anywhere from $350 for a room in a house to thousands for a beautiful Victorian home. Houses are selling like hotcakes at around $400,000-$700,000 from what I have seen.

If applicable: Hotels / Motels / Hostels / Bed and Breakfasts for out-of-towners, here's the scoop.


Easily accessible by bike on the Montrose or Harbord Bike Lanes, TTC access from Christie Station on the Bloor Line, or on the Harbord bus.

Major Streets and Intersections

Major thoroughfares through this neighbourhood, if any. Existing ones or those planned for the future. Major North-South streets. Major East-West streets.

Parks and Recreation

BICKFORD PARK - a huge, sunken gem in the city; used by humans and dogs alike for all sorts of outdoor recreation!


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