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Christie Pits Community Garden

Mission Statement

Our mission is to promote urban food production and community building in and beyond the Christie-Ossington area. The Christie Pits Community Garden will provide a forum to connect with neighbours and share our cumulative knowledge on plants and food. Together we will create an accessible space that operates on principles of inclusion and respect for each other and the environment.

June 27, 2009: The One Month Anniversary-Post Solstice Bash !

On Saturday June 27, 2009 at 6:30 p.m. come out and celebrate with the rest of the Christie Pits Community Garden members, friends, and neighbours.

We've all rolled up our sleeves and the garden is looking great, so it's time to congratulate ourselves.

The evening will include:

  • musical guests (TBA)
  • expert gardeners onsite for anyone in need of advice
  • scarecrow making and potato sack races for kids
  • a potluck dinner
  • note: the due to the TOStrike of Toronto Parks employees we cannot get a permit for a fire. Instead, we were thinking of having a 'hibachi' roast. Please bring your own vegggie grill-ables

If you would like to help out with this event please email () and specify what you would like to do.

Here's a list of what would come in handy.

  • clothing for the scarecrow- pants, shirt, hat, glasses (?), gloves...
  • firewood (nothing painted or pressure treated)
  • food items for the potluck dinner - please specify what you'll be bringing.
  • help putting the word out. Please invite friends and family.

Looking forward to seeing everyone there.

Garden History

The Garden site as seen this past winter, located on the west side of Christie Pits Park just south of the Swimming Pool. The Christie Pits Community Garden will begin its first year this summer.

This initiative was started by a group of dedicated volunteers from the Christie Ossington Neighbourhood who saw a need for growing space, and community interaction in the park.

With the support of local community organizations, Deputy Mayor Joe Pantalone, and hard working volunteers we have succeeded in gaining approval from The City of Toronto for a community garden in the South-West corner of Christie Pits.

The City of Toronto has committed to building a fence, constructing a shed, and providing some initial soil and materials. But there's plenty of work to be done and our community meeting in March 2009 proved that there's tremendous excitement surrounding this project.

See: Green thumbs up for gardening plots in Christie Pits, InsideToronto March 26, 2009.

Groundbreaking! Sunday, 31 May 2009, 11 a.m.

Help us get the Christie Pits Community Garden get off the ground!

We will be digging, planting, creating paths and eating pizza on Sunday to get this garden growing. There will be experienced gardeners on hand to answer questions, fresh pizza from the Christie Pits Park bake oven, a visit from Deputy Mayor Joe Pantalone and music for your enjoyment. In exchange, bring your gloves, shovels, watering cans, wheelbarrows and get ready to dig!

The soil in Christie Pits Park is in desperate need of compost. We built compost tumblers so that we will have rich, organic compost in 3 weeks. Bring us your vegetable scraps, egg shells and coffee grinds so we can get the compost started.

Please note: with the exception of egg shells, compost donations need to be vegan and oil free in order to cut down on odours and have a quick turn around time.

Pizza and water will be supplied, please bring a water bottle so we can cut down on waste.

Even if you are not directly involved in the garden, if you have questions, contributions, or just want to get your hands dirty for a day come see us on Sunday, we have lots to do!

Garden Facts

Some things you should know about the Christie Pits Community Garden:

  • We are entirely volunteer run and supported. This is a community initiative, not an allotment garden. And we need all the volunteer support we can get. This first year won't be possible without the dedication and energy of the community.
  • We are a food production garden. The garden will include flowers and pollinator plants in the decorative public border but the interior of the space will be used to grow vegetables.

  • Individual and communal plots will be available. A large amount of produce from communal plots will be donated to local organizations in need. Produce from your individual plot may be donated if you like, although there is no obligation to do so. Under city by-law produce cannot be sold.
  • We are dedicated to outreach. We are currently establishing relationships with organizations in the community and plan on creating programs for gardeners of all ages and abilities. Some raised beds will be available for gardeners with physical challenges and paths will be wide enough to accommodate wheelchairs.
  • You don't have to be an expert gardener. There is a wealth of gardening knowledge in the community, and workshops will be available. If you have experience you may want to consider volunteering your time to teach others.
  • There will be garden regulations for everyone's safety and benefit. Once established, gardeners will be expected to follow the guidelines, and will be subject to loss of membership from the garden due to non-compliance. Plot maintenance will be included in these guidelines.
  • Gardening tools will be available for use by members. We are now seeking tools and other materials, and would appreciate any donations.
  • Some specific decisions that will affect your involvement with the garden have not been finalized yet because this is our first year and we need more community input. We are in the process of deciding on the design of the garden, individual plot size, number of members this year, and specific regulations. As more applications come in and more volunteers come on board, these will be easier to figure out. Consequently, as this project is constantly evolving, some decisions will be subject to change as we grow together as a community.
  • The Christie Pits Community Garden will be entirely organic. A soil analysis has been done, and there will be regulations against bringing any contaminants into the garden.
  • This is going to be a great season! There are many interested people who have contributed wonderful ideas. It's amazing what we've accomplished so far.


Please read the application guidelines carefully. Contact us with any questions or concerns.

  • This application is a requirement for all members of individual and communal plots in The Christie Pits Community Garden.
  • The information provided will be viewed by the gardening committee, and each registrant will receive a response. The committee respects your privacy and will not supply information to any outside parties.
  • Individual plot sizes will be approximately 5 feet by 10 feet (50 square feet) and communal plots will be approximately 10 feet by 10 feet (100 square feet). These sizes are subject to change depending on the final design and the amount of space granted by The City of Toronto.
    • If you're applying for an individual plot, it will be your responsibility to maintain that space. At the minimum, this will take four hours a week. You have the option of registering a partner whose responsibility it will be to maintain your plot in the event that you are ill or away.
    • If you are applying to participate in a communal plot, you will be working with other community members on larger plots. Some of these plots are dedicated entirely for growing food for local organizations in need, others will have a portion of the produce set aside for volunteers. You will be required to commit to a maintenance schedule and to communicate with other gardeners. The communal plots will require dedicated support and commitment from larger groups.
    • The application deadline was 8 May 2009. Gardeners who missed this deadline will still have the option to participate in communal plots, events and, workshops, and are eligible for a waitlist for following seasons.
    • You are eligible for an individual plot if you meet the following criteria.
      • Your application is completed before the 8 May 2009 deadline
      • You demonstrate a need for gardening space. This means that you don't have a workable space of your own.
      • You are a resident in the Christie Pits neighborhood. This space is ROUGHLY defined as:

Dupont - North

Dufferin - West

College - South

Spadina - East

This is not an exact perimeter. It is your responsibility to figure out if there are other community gardens closer to your address. Any applicants living closer to other community gardens will be removed from the application process. We cannot accept applicants who are waitlisted for other community gardens.

  • Some of the application questions are there to help us understand more about future members and what your interests and intentions are. This will help us create programs and events that we can all learn from and enjoy. If you don't feel comfortable answering a question then leave it blank and tell us why in the comment section of the application.
  • Speaking of programs and events, we hope you include your suggestions for these and we welcome all volunteers. Help is needed in all aspects of the garden. This includes:
    • Maintenance
    • Fundraising
    • Events Coordination
    • Administration
    • Membership Services
    • Compost
    • Media and Communications
    • Workshop Instruction

If you want to be a part of a spirited bunch of gardeners who strive to make great changes in the community specify the area you are interested in volunteering for, and come out to our next meeting, the date and time of which will be announced soon.

  • In the event of a large number of qualified applicants, plots will be given out through a lottery system. The limit for individual plots will be decided on based on demand and volunteer support. This project is only as big as the community involvement.