A view of a typical City Council meeting (2006). This is what it looks like under The Clamshell in City Hall.

Council Chambers is where City Council sits.

It's The Clamshell like structure "in between","43.653552", "-79.384043" the east and west towers of New City Hall.

The City Hall rotunda is immediately underneath the Council Chambers.

It's accessible by elevator to the second or third levels from either East Tower or West Tower lifts. There is small bridge one walks from the Elevator foyer to the Chamber proper.

A members' lounge is at the top level and to the south of the Public Gallery seating semi-circle area. Press conferences, City Announcements, Photo opportunities with City Council happen regularly in the Members' Lounge. It affords a very nice view of Nathan Phillips Square.

At the top elevator level of the public seating area, at the top or north end of the chamber, is the media desk. There sits accredited urban affairs reporters and camerapeopl.

It feels like cooler United States Congress chamber when sitting in the public gallery.

There is a giant faux jumbotron on the wall facing the City Council members and the public seating to allow for overhead slides etc to be easilty seen.