Hit and Run

At about a quarter past 8 p.m. on Tuesday evening, June 2 2009, two police officers on bike patrol in the downtown core tried to pull over a black Chevrolet Trailblazer SUV for making an illegal turn at the Yonge Street and Queen Street intersection.

The SUV bolted west on Queen Street approaching highway speeds. The SUV blew through red lights at Bay Street and York Street. Reaching the Queen Street and University Avenue intersection, the black SUV ran through a thrid red light and crashed into two compact cars and ultimately into a streetcar shelter.

A woman was pinned in between the front grill of the stolen Chevrolet Trailblazer, a steel utility pole and the large metal traffic signal light box. Beneath the twisted metal and shattered glass, only her legs were visible.

Queen & University Intersection

More Pics. - Photo by ve3xls / Mike I. The intersection was filled with pedestrians. Eyewitness Jason Ellis was on the northeast corner of the intersection and told The Star, "There were tonnes of people everywhere; there were lots of cars going back and forth and there were tonnes of people crossing, it could have been anybody that got hit; it could have been me, it could have been anybody. It was pretty busy."

After smashing into two vehicles, the black SUV jumped the curb and crashed into the streetcar/bus shelter.

A traffic light standard was knocked over and the electrical box was shattered.

Sgt. Tim Burrows of Traffic Services told The Star, "This [crash] is indicative of any collision where we see speed involved, this is what we talk about when we say speed creates catastrophe and why we ask everybody to slow down and be alert."

According to Sgt. Burrows, "the brains of the traffic control system...at (the) intersection" is the traffic light signal box. Consequently, the intersection will remain closed all night and could disrupt the morning commute in the Downtown Core.


Police making the second arrest. - Photo by ve3xls / Mike I. witnesses told PostedToronto, the three male occupants from the SUV took off on foot, but police reportedly arrested one man in his early-20s within 20 minutes in the Duncan Street and Richmond Street West area.

cp24 reported on air that the black SUV may have been involved in some sort of robbery from the Niagara area.

Around 10 p.m. Mike I. clarified an earlier tweet and twittered, "Was standing next to an EMS guy who told a TTC supervisor the patient "didn't make it""


"Car accident at Queen and University." TwitPic Photo by UNionST / Justin Stayshyn. "Second car at Queen and University." TwitPic Photo by UNionST / Justin Stayshyn. MSM (Main Stream Media) are here..." TwitPic Photo by UNionST / Justin Stayshyn. ...As are about 230 mobile phone cameras." TwitPic Photo by UNionST / Justin Stayshyn. "Crazy accident at Queen & University. Hearing rumblings of a chase or something." TwitPic Photo by Nick Heise. "Another shot of Crazy accident at Queen & University." TwitPic Photo by Nick Heise. "One more shot. Check the news tonight." TwitPic Photo by Nick Heise.

Accident Pic. - Photo by ve3xls / Mike I. Black SUV Crashed into Pole. - Photo by ve3xls / Mike I. Toronto Police Service went live on CP24 saying shut down for "hours" and "indefinite". - Photo by ve3xls / Mike I. Police arrested the alleged driver of the stolen car. - Photo by ve3xls / Mike I.


7:00 a.m.: Intersection of Queen/University has re-opened. The Queen 501 streetcar is back to its regular routing. Diversions canceled. - Twitter.com/BradTTC - Brad Ross

6:00 a.m.: The Queen 501 streetcar continues on diversion - McCaul/Dundas/Victoria. Four shuttle buses are in place along Queen St. West - Twitter.com/BradTTC - Brad Ross

10:00 p.m.: The Queen 501 streetcar diverting via McCaul/Dundas/Victoria both ways for the next several hours due to serious crash at Queen/University - Twitter.com/BradTTC - Brad Ross

According to Brad Ross, the Southwest entrance to Osgoode Station is closed, understandably as can be seen in photos below.

Streets Closed Overnight by Police for Criminal Investigation

8:10 a.m.: Use caution thru Queen/University police on point duty while traffic signals are repaired. Eastbound curb lane on Queen closed. No ETA for repairs. - Twitter.com/TrafficServices

6:30 a.m.: University Avenue northbound is re-opened through Queen. Southbound remains closed at Armoury. - Twitter.com/TrafficServices

10:00 p.m.: Traffic Services and the Special Investigations Unit are on scene and have closed the following streets:

  • Queen Street from Simcoe Street to York Street
  • University Avenue from Richmond Street to Queen Street

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