Reception held by Garden District Residents Association on Friday June 21 2013 after a Ceremony on Naming of Richard Bigley Lane.

The Garden District Residents Association represents people living in The Garden District in Toronto's Downtown East End. Their local City Councillor is Kristyn Wong-Tam, Ward 27.

Area includes Gerrard Street to the North but including Allan GardensYonge Street to the West, Sherbourne Street to the East and Queen Street to the South.

The Association has rebounded in the past year from a low of 3 active members to about 30 active members today in min-2013.

Their approach is not to stifle different opinions, rather they want to include a diversity of voices in their organization. This may partly account for the recent increased membership.

As new condominium dwellings are due to house new area residents, the Board's viewpoint is that this is a good thing as people often choose intentionally to live in this neighbourhood, as opposed to living here as a second or third choice due to housing affordability.

The Association has developed an excellent relationship with the local police division, who now routinely send a constable to attend the monthly meetings and maintain a healthy communication with area residents.

Unlike the NIMBYism found in some other communities, this Association is engaging of what some may consider controversial issues. The redevelopment of Seaton House, a men's residence which houses many people with personal issues and substance abuse issues, is one such example where the GDRA remains engaged. They are not opposed to having such a facility within their district, but if the rest of The City is simply transferring ALL such individuals from everywhere else rather than creating or maintaining similar facilities elsewhere, well, that's not fair nor balanced. And that Is the balance found in their advocacy.


Nicholas Culverwell - Board of Directors

[email protected]

P.O. Box 166

260 Adelaide Street East

Toronto, ON M5A 1N1