Giant TTC Map

"DownsView" of Giant TTC Map. This is Toronto's First and Largest Giant Outdoor TTC Map.

The Giant Map is a work in progress. This is Giant Outstallation Art work was created by HiMYSYeD.

The subway stations, all 70 of them, will be painted white, as it appears in regular TTC maps. But stations won't be labelled in English.

Taking a page from the English as a Second Language nature of the Bickford Centre and drawing on the many native languages of the Centre's adult student body, hopefully, each station name will be spelled/painted in various languages representing many of the spoken languages in Today's Toronto.

Located at "773 Bloor Street West","43.663106", "-79.419902" , across from Christie Pits Park in the circular student drop-off/pick-up driveway of the Bickford Centre, Adult School.

June 3 2009

Before painting names identifying each station, it was a good idea to write out all 70 TTC station names in chalk which is what you can see in these three photographs.

Hopefully the weather stays nice for the next few days, and the giant art outstallation can be completed.


2009-06-01 18:48:19   Some of the Chinese Characters spellings of the Stations on this Artwork will be from here: TTC Map in Chinese. —HimySyed

2010-06-22 10:46:51   In Today's Toronto Star: