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Graffiti Alley in The Fashion District runs south of Queen Street West from Spadina Avenue to Portland Street beginning at 1 rush lane, Toronto, Ontario Canada . It is one of the best known location to see Toronto Graffiti.

There is about a kilometer's worth of wall space of varying quality.

A graffiti event called Style in Progress has taken over graffiti alley for a 24-hour period of legal painting, during the 2000s. Nowadays the alley is still frequently painted, but the artist should ask the permission to the building or shop owner.

The Alley was also home to the Secret Swing.

CBC Comedian Rick Mercer often films his famous weekly TV on air Commentary while walking through Graffiti Alley using the Murals as his backdrop. Result being, many Canadians may not know the name of this alley nor the exact location, but they can recognize it once they see it while walking through here in person.


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