Grassroots Youth Collaborative

215 Spadina Avenue , Suite 403. In The Centre for Social Innovation
Phone: (416) 644-1015 ext. 1281 / [email protected]
Mission Statement
The Grassroots Youth Collaborative (GYC) is a collaborative of 11 youth-led organizations
in the City of Toronto. We came together in 2004 to work for policies and programs that
empower young people to be able to determine their own life choice and contribute to
their communities.

The Grassroots Youth Collaborative (GYC) was formed in May 2004 to advocate for policies that empower young people to have a voice and contribute to their communities. We are a collective of culturally and racially diverse youth-led organizations that work in underserved, lower-income, at-risk communities where violence, especially youth violence, is regularly in the media spotlight. The programs delivered by our members reach out and engage young people who are typically missed by more mainstream youth programming.

Currently, the GYC consists of eleven member organizations including:

Together we work to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Strengthen our capacity as youth driven organizations to serve our communities

  2. Provide a forum for youth driven organizations to strategize about issues and share resources and information

  3. Conduct, collect and disseminate research on effective youth engagement strategies

  4. Promoting and educating decision-makers on the value of youth driven organizations

  5. Advocate for government policies that empower young people to have a voice and contribute to their communities

  6. Work with social movements that fight to address issues within our communities