A Solidarity March for Sudan was held on Saturday October 5 2013, organized by members of Toronto's Sudanese community. They came together to Protest for Human Rights in Sudan due to recent events.

A couple of hundred Torontonians turned out on very short notice with dozens of homemade signs to underscore the sudden upsurge in the Human Rights violations of the people in Sudan.

At least one, and maybe two, Members of Parliament attended the demonstration. NDP MP Craig Scott tweeted a number of photographs during the protest.

During the march, people chanted and called upon the Prime Minister by name to "End The Silence".

Due to Nuit Blanche preparation in Yonge-Dundas Square later in the evening, the demonstrators marched in proximity to the Square, notably on the wide sidewalk on the south side of Dundas Street between Yonge and Bay.



صفيّة ♕ ‏@a__ayifas 14m Demonstration for peace, justice, & democracy in Sudan. #Toronto #SudanRevolts #Abena pic.twitter.com/DeQUyuJMQ0

1:17 PM - 5 Oct 13
Craig Scott ‏@CraigScottNDP One of Canada's most amazing musicians Walid Abdulhamid Kush leads drumbeat for human rights in Sudan #Toronto pic.twitter.com/cO85xosWxLCraig Scott ‏@CraigScottNDP 4h Protest at Yonge/Dundas re brutal regime in Sudan and latest repression of protesters. We need Cdn govt to speak up. pic.twitter.com/7arWJdPH5VCraig Scott ‏@CraigScottNDP 3h Hundreds from #Toronto #Sudanese community protesting "Bashir, Bashir, to ICC", "Harper, Harper, why're you silent?" pic.twitter.com/ifLJqjAMdMCraig Scott ‏@CraigScottNDP #Sudanese Canadian community asking Cdn media to pay some attention to brutality in #Sudan. A reasonable ask. pic.twitter.com/hEitEc6JpXCraig Scott ‏@CraigScottNDP 2h Kids, youth killed in streets of #Sudan. Protesters in #Toronto letting world know abt brutal crackdown.#humanrights pic.twitter.com/LJVt0V5qyt@HiMYSYeD 2h Former #humanrights Professor & now MP @CraigScottNDP at #Sudan Demonstration in #Toronto. #cdnpoli http://twitpic.com/dg6mtnHiMY SYeD ‏@HiMYSYeD 2h Couple hundred plus change in #Toronto marching for a couple hours hoping for #humanrights in #Sudan http://twitpic.com/dg6pd2

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