Queen Broadview Village is now called; Riverside. I have made one page on some of the architecture of note in Riverside.; RIVERSIDE, Toronto, Ontario, (formerly Queen/Broadview Village) 5 MAJOR BUILDINGS OF NOTE by Carol Sutton- Includes: 'Why is this area called Riverside? Because this area runs beside The Don River. Note the curving blue brick water line in the new sidewalk renovations and street upgrade that meanders through the Riverside area. These waves are in the Riverside logo design. local historical architecture. ' PLACE: WHERE: Quote: "Definite boundaries have never been drawn for Riverside, but according to the Riverside Business Improvement Area Plan's definitions it can be assumed that the borders are the Don River to the west, Gerrard St. East to the north, Logan Ave. to the east and Eastern Ave. to the south. " Photographs and links to sites about this area where I have lived for over 30 years. http://www.carolsutton.net/pip/riverside_queen_e_to.html