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Resource Efficient Agricultural Production Canada (REAP-Canada) is an independent, non-profit organization that has been working since 1986 with farmers, scientists, and the private sector to improve the sustainability of farming systems and develop more ecological ways of producing energy and fibre from farms both in Canada and abroad.

As one of the first organizations in Canada to develop participatory on-farm research and plant breeding programs, REAP-Canada has become one of the world's leading organizations to work with communities to develop agro-ecological farming systems and bioenergy for rural development.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to be an organization that contributes to the development of sustainable rural communities through socially just and ecologically sound food, fibre, and fuel production.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to build partnerships with communities, individuals, and organizations to provide research, development, and training services that support the creation of sustainable food, fibre, and fuel production.

Our Mandate:

Our mandate is to serve our members, partners, and other organizations by assisting them in developing ecological solutions to producing food, fibre, and fuel both in Canada and abroad.

  • We encourage and support the development of sustainable agriculture and bioenergy systems
  • We assist farmers to make efficient use of on-farm resources and reduce off-farm inputs to increase their self reliance and economic well-being
  • We promote the development of participatory approaches for community development, on-farm research, and farmer-to-farmer training
  • We develop food, fibre, and fuel production systems that mitigate greenhouse gases and conserve and enhance natural resources
  • We help improve the quality of life of rural communities while protecting and enhancing biodiversity and the environment