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Riverdale is bounded by Danforth Avenue on the north and the Don River on the west, the eastern and southern boundries are not firmly defined, the eastern boundary is usually considered to be Jones Avenue or Pape Avenue, the southern boundary can be drawn anywhere from Gerrard Street to Lakeshore Road. The area south of Gerrard St. is usually referred to as South Riverdale.
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• Former municipality Old Toronto
• Municipal Ward
• School Ward
• Community Council
• Federal Riding: Toronto Danforth, the current MP is Jack Layton, leader of the NDP
• Provincial Riding Toronto Danforth, the current MPP is Peter Tabuns of the NDP
• Residents' Association
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Parks and Recreation

Riverdale contains two (or depending on where you draw the southern boundary, three) large parks, Riverdale Park East and Withrow Park (and Jimmy Simpson Park) In Riverdale Park there is an outdoor pool and waterslide, a splashpad, playground, tennis courts, baseball diamonds, soccer pitches, a 400 meter gravel running track and an outdoor skating rink. Withrow Park has a clubhouse, tennis courts, playground, soccer pitches, off leash dog area and an outdoor skating rink. There is also a splash pad behind the Matty Eckler Community Center.

Riverdale Park West and the Riverdale Farm are not actually IN Riverdale, they are in Cabbagetown.


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