Main Entrance
leave address in parentheses , at cross street
Serves Which Subway Line(s)
Scarborough Rapid Transit Line
Connecting Bus and/or Streetcar Route(s)
9 Bellamy
16 McCowan
21 Brimley - 21A , 21B
38 Highland Creek
43 Kennedy - 43B
129 McCowan North - 129A
130 Middlefield - 130A
131 Nugget - 131E
132 Milner
133 Neilson - 133B
134 Progress - 134B , 134C
169 Parkside
190 Scarborough Centre Rocket
Need Transfer to Connect
Elevator(s) Currently in Service
Commuter Parking / Kiss & Ride
Yes/No, Yes/No
Shopping Inside the Station

Share details about this transit Station: Colour of wall tiles, exits, any artwork in station, history, expansion plans, weblinks and so on...

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