Looking towards the sky from the Secret Swing. Sophie on the Secret Swing

The Secret Swing aka the Swingsite was an art installation of a playground swing hanging in between two buildings in Graffiti Alley

Corwyn Lund installed the swing in September 2003 as part of a group show called Psychotopes at YYZ Artists Outlet.

By November 2005, the swing's seat and 2 feet of the swing's chains were cut and many in the photoblogging community and local blogosphere were saddened.

Secret Message: New Secret Swing dedicated all of Toronto. On December 13, 2005, the swing was replaced bearing a date, signatures, and a not so secret message: “New Secret Swing dedicated to all of Toronto.”

The fun came to a final end in March 2006 when both the swing and the bar holding it up were removed and a fence installed to block the entrance to the space where the swing was installed.

The best guess is that it was done to prevent any future attempts to replace the secret swing, or to deter the homeless people from sleeping in the space between the buildings.


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