Other Names
Harbord Village
Spadina Avenue at Harbord Street
Essentially an Intersection neighbourhood


A made up name for marketing purposes by the owner of the now defunct "SpaHa Restuarant". The restaurant occupied the south west corner of the building known as Grad House at street level.

The name for both the restaurant and the intersection is taken from Spadina Avenue and Harbord Street.

It was inspired by the naming convention of TriBeCa in New York City, from Triangle Behind Canal Street.

The name, like the restaurant, didn't have staying power. This is or was likely due to the constant churn of undergrad students who live in the immediate area, once the SpaHa Restaurant closed up, and those undergrads moved away, not many people today even remember this attempted re-branding of this crossroads intersection neighbourhood.

Notable Attractions

  • North and southbound TTC Spadina Streetcar stops
  • Papa Ceo's Pizza and Cora's Pizza almost next door, both open very late
  • University of Toronto Athletic Centre
  • Harbord Village neighbourhood immediately to the west

Weird Stuff

  • Graduate House has a street level convenience store in the north west corner of the building named Convenience.com that has nothing to do with the domain name! The owner jumped on the Dot Com bandwagon and named his store by adding .com.
  • Graduate House has a giant Letter O as the last letter in the spelling of University of Toronto on an overhang above Harbord Street.